Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Can't Drive 55!!

The “Rules of the Road” have been establish for a reason. The ultimate goal is to us alive as well as keep traffic flowing at a good pace. Most of these rules we have known about since before we began driving and were tested on in order to get our driver’s license. On the road proper signage informs us of how these rules are going to affect us in up coming situations, and also makes us aware of changes in road conditions.

The one exception to this is of course speed limits. Let’s face it; it’s not a limit at all. It’s more of a suggestion. You should probably be going around about this speed. (Plus or minus 5 mph is my general rule)

In some places (California being one) it’s a requirement. Unless you are stuck in rush hour traffic, or there has been an accident, you need to be going at least the “speed limit.” In states like Cali if you’re going the speed limit on the highway, you’ll get the bird from a sweet old grandmother. Trust me on this one, I’m talking from experience. I was in for a culture shock when I first got out there.

Now as I recall from my drivers Ed. Class (yes honey my memory isn’t that bad), and it has been reinforced by the aforementioned proper signage that slower traffic should stay to the right. I’m sure that so matter what you opinion on the speed limit/suggestion/requirement thing we could all agree on this right.

So why would someone drive 55 in the left lane of a four lane freeway when the speed limit is 70?!?! What The Heck!?!?!?

Now I can understand wanting to be safe. I like being safe. But more than 15 mph slower than everyone else around you!!! WOW. At some point you become an obstacle for everyone else to avoid. There was an 18 wheeler that passed this car on the right! Going up a hill!

Now if it was some grandma or grandpa with out of state plates just cruising along, I would have some sympathy. It really wouldn’t bother me at all.

This wasn’t the case at all. Instead in was some young 20-something as she was talking on her cell phone weaving in and out of her lane.

Bottom line. Hang up and drive lady….The gas pedal in on the right!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh Tony, Say It Ain't So!!!!

Despite a valiant effort by my father I am a Kansas City Chiefs Fan.

There are a few things that statement implies in its self. When I say a valiant effort by my father, I mean he tried hard to make me a Steelers fan. There are pictures of me somewhere as a baby with a little Steelers onezy and a stocking hat with a gold and black ball on top. It’s a pretty cute photo. I like the Steelers. I always have. I’ll root for them any time they aren’t playing the Chiefs. I just like to give my Dad a hard time about them. I was very excited to see them win the super bowl last year and knew they would. Other than that there are a few teams I'll root for because I like some of the players. (I.E. Colts.)

Let’s face it though people, I grew up in KC. The Chiefs are my home town team. It takes a lot of guts to say that. They won two games last year. That’s 2 out of 16 games. In ’07 we won 4 of 16. Not much better. It’s really kind of kind of sad.
The one bight spot on our team has been Tony Gonzalez. KC drafted him in the 1st round in ’97. The man is a god among men. On a 2 and 14 team he still had 96 catches for 1058 yards. He’s been to the pro bowl 10 times. That’s more than any other tight end in NFL history. He’s miss 2 games because of injuries in the 12 years he’s been playing pro football. Among tight ends he’s the career leader with 916 catches, 76 TDs, 10,940 yards receiving, and 26 games with at least 100 yards. The dudes only lost 1 fumble in his career! And that was in his second season! WOW!! It’s safe to say he’s become the face of the franchise. I even guest blogged about it a little here on The Little Mama.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that he was traded to that Atlanta Falcons.

What The Heck!?!?!

Now I can understand Tony’s frustration. The man hasn’t won a sing playoff game in his 12 year career. That’s kind of sad. He wants to go to the big game, and he wants to win. But still, this is his home.

I’m excited about KC football next year. We’ve got a new GM that seems to really know what he’s doing, a new head coach that was responsible for the Cardinals’ going to the super bowl last year and both of which seem to be on the same page which makes all the difference. As an added bonus, we acquired Matt Cassel!!! That’s right we have a franchise Quarterback!!! I could keep going, but I don’t want to waste but time...Also the draft starts today in a few hours, judging by Scott Pioli’s record with it, we’re going to do quite well.

Cassel now has one less reliable target out there on the field. The team has one less leader in the locker room. Kansas City has lost a paragon.

Tony, I hate to see you go, you’ve been a great asset to this team. I hope you do well...but I’m not going to root for the Falcons. And in ’10 if we play Atlanta, I hope to see Mike Vrabel, Bernard Pollard, or who ever they put against you knocks you flat on your back. Or even better yet...when you get to the playoffs this year and your leveled buy Troy Polamalu.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Daddy Eye for.....

Now I don't claim to be the type that knows a lot of fashion. I'm a tee shirt and jeans kind of guy. I do have some sort of sense as to what I think looks right and what I think....well doesn't. Sometimes I'll make my thoughts and opinions known to others and they usually agree with me.

So today I'm going to offer some advice to some of the ladies out there. Seeing as how most girls/women want to look nice for guys and I'm a guy....I think that qualifies me. So prepare you it comes....


I've seen it a lot lately and it's really been bugging me. I've been biting my tongue on this because I recently found out my lovely mother in-law reads this (shout out to Memaw!!) and I didn't feel it appropriate to have her reading me discussing this sort of subject. Unfortunately after today I couldn't take it any more.

This is more directed at the girls with the massive mammaries. You know the ones that come to work showing more cleavage than shirt. Then they started using it for a place to store their cell phones, credit cards, and wallets.

Now I'm not saying you can't keep anything in there. You just have to be discrete. Here is a story of a woman that had $67 dollars in her bra and it saved her life by stopping a bullet. I have no problem with that. Its tucked in nice a neat. No one can see that.

Its when you use your cleavage so its all out in front of god and everyone. I saw a girl with a freakin bottle of water in there today!!! What The Heck!!! This was at work!! That speaks of a level of professionalism I've never even heard of. Talk about class! WOW!

Don't use your boobs just because they are convenient. If you need a purse, go get a purse.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our House....

Those of you who don't know, The Little Mama and I are having a house built. I just don't know who is building it. We've driven by many times and never seen anyone actually working on it. We've got friends that live in the same neighborhood and they've never seen anybody working one it. We've had other friends that have stopped by on their way home from work and they have never seen anyone working on it.

I think it's a valid question....Who is building our house?

Work is getting done on it. From what I can tell its pretty good work to. I've had a lot of friend that have worked home construction and have told be many different things that they have seen done to cheat, and cut corners. Example, I have one friend tell me that when two sections of frame didn't line up, they bridged the 2 1/2 in. gap with 15 different nails at different angles. I haven't seen anything like that. It really looks pretty good.

I forgot to mention the foundation! I've seen a lot of concrete work. I even worked with concrete for a little while in So-Cal...but this is really nice. Almost as if it was poured by angels.

Plus I just heard this morning that now there is even walls on it. Where the heck did they come from?

So the question is who is doing the work on our house?

I'm convinced its Elves that come out at night.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Happened to Customer Service

It’s really had for The Little Mama and me to go out a try a new Mexican restaurant. Mainly because we like Maudie’s so very much. If you’ve never been, we highly recommend it. It’s truly amazing. I have yet to have anything there that I haven’t liked.

So when the Serrano’s in South Park Meadow’s open up we thought one day we’d try it knowing full well that if we really wanted Mexican we would probably go to Maudie’s.

A girl a work was a waitress at Serrano’s on the weekends and told me about their enchilada special they have. If you buy one enchilada plate you get one free. She was also bragging about how good the salsa was. Being poor and a salsa fan this was enough to get us in the door. Maybe we’d find a place that was even better than Maude’s.

So we get there and get seated. The waitress was a little cold to us. I don’t mean to fault her, being a waitress is hard work she could have been having a bad day. She was a good waitress, our glasses, chips, and salsa where never empty. That’s saying a lot. I was thirsty, and we love chips and salsa. But we had to ask about the special. It wasn’t posted anywhere or explained anywhere. She wasn’t too happy about that at all. We later heard it advertised on the radio and saw a commercial on TV, you would think we wouldn't have to ask about it.

A little while later we got our food. It was pretty good. I don’t know if I’d say it was better than Maude’s, but it wasn’t bad. Then Kim found a piece of plastic in her food. It was a little disturbing. I mean she could have choked or something. What if that had gotten in Jake’s food instead? Lucky she found it while she was cutting into her enchilada.

Now once again, I understand that mistakes happen. It’s a fact of life, but when you work at a restaurant I feel a little courtesy should be involved. They brought Kim another plate. The waitress apologized and we weren’t charged for our meal. I think that is the least they could have done.

The manager never came over and said a word to us. Never apologized. No “I’m sorry, let us make this up to you.” Something from the manager to say "Hey your experance here is important to us" would have been nice. Any other time something like this has happened to me our next meal there was discounted or free as well.

I went to a TGI Friday’s with a couple friends before a movie and after waiting almost an hour for our food we got up to leave so we wouldn’t miss our show. The manager saw us, and gave us all a free meal and drinks after the movie was over.

Bottom line, other than the huge chuck of plastic the food at Serrano’s was alright, but if you want to be treated well too….skip it and go to Maudies they have never disappointed us.

On a side note...The girl I work with that use to be a waitress there on the weekends also quit because of the management.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Murphy is Alive and Well!

Murphy’s Law states that “What ever can go wrong will go wrong.” Murphy’s Law can also be strengthened as Finagle’s Law which states “What ever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way.”

I’ve always noticed that Murphy seemed to have been my own personal co pilot. I think it all really started while I was in the Marine Corps. It was all little things. If I was 5 min late because of colors I got yelled at, but if someone else was 2 hours late because they were drunk….well they didn’t get in trouble at all. Little things like that all the time.

Then it started with the paperwork. I took 10 days of leave (vacation days for the laymen) and would get charged for 20. It’s a headache to get that fixed. There were 1,500 Marines in my Battalion and the Docs lost shot records for 4 of them. I was of course one of those for. For those of you who don’t know, I have a fear of needles that you would not believe. I’m talking boarder line screaming like a school girl and fainting. It’s bad. I had to go through all my anthrax (among all the others) shots again. Do you know how bad that sucks!?!? Your arm burns for 2 weeks afterwards. When it stops burning you get another shot! After my 6 month anthrax booster guess what they found!!! My shot record! WTH!?!

Or how about the time Wells Fargo closed my account for “insufficient funds” when I bought a cheeseburger. I had over $2,500 in that account! I was getting ready to buy a car with that money. It took two weeks to get that straightened out.

Well yesterday, Murphy has struck again. My wife and I are trying to move out of the house we are in to another until the house we are building is finished in July. It would be really nice if we could just stay where we are but that unfortunately isn’t an option. We found the perfect place, had every thing worked out, planed and in motion…until yesterday. Now we’re apartment shopping and we have find a place by Tuesday.

What The Heck…..Can’t we just get a break!